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AI Australia

Nov 13, 2018

We’re so excited to announce our first guest: Ellen Broad.

Ellen is a renowned expert in the field of data ethics and AI. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, having worked around the world advising governments and corporates on data sharing, open data, strategy and licensing.

Ellen’s writing has appeared in the New Scientist, the Guardian and a range of civil service and tech publications. She has spoken about AI and data to ABC Radio National's 'Big Ideas' and 'Future Tense' programmes, and at SXSW in the US

Ellen’s recently published first book Made by Humans: The AI Condition, analyses our role and responsibilities in automation and how machine learning is affecting our decisions. Roaming from Australia to the UK and the US, data expert Ellen Broad talks to world leaders in AI about what we need to do next.

During our conversation with Ellen, we explore themes such as why understanding AI is really about understanding human thought and behaviours, how to improve people’s recognition of AI and how it works, how to approach AI ethics as a business leader plus so much more: 

  • How Ellen’s career journey into AI and data ethics and has unfolded 
  • Literature that does a good job of examining ethics and has had a profound influence on Ellen
  • The purpose behind Ellen’s book Made by Humans: The AI Condition 
  • How the concept of automation bias and taking for granted the output of a machine affects us and the decisions that we make 
  • How to improve people’s understanding of how machines work and what the points of failure might be 
  • Why it’s important to be wary of quality assurance mechanisms in AI right now 
  • Communicating ethics to a board of directors 
  • The emerging risks of new job roles in ethics 
  • The place of and need for external standards and systems of validation in AI and the need for markers of quality/standardised expectations
  • Guiding principles for a business leader who is evaluating AI solutions (and what to avoid) 


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